What is the best position to sleep in for your back?


Professionals in the medical field are often heard recommending at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, but even if we manage the hours, the quality of sleep is affected by the position of sleep. There are a variety of sleeping positions, and often, we select that position which is most immediately comfortable even if it’s not the best position for some of us. What, for example, is the best position to sleep for your back? What is the best position of sleep for snorers, or those with acid-reflux?While sleeping on your back is not advantageous for those who snore, and is a no-no for those with sleep apnea, the supine position is extremely advantageous for those with back, or neck problems. One of the most comfortable and advantageous postures of sleep is on your back with a leg under your knees to elevate your calves. In this position your back muscles are allowed to relax because a greater surface area of your body is allowed to rest alleviating the tension in your muscles, and your discs are able to re-expand as they reabsorb fluids in this restful position.